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sunday worship services and schedule

All are welcome at the table.  We are all guests at God’s table, and all who yearn for Christ are invited to share in communion at St. Simon’s.  We’ve outlined our program year and summer schedules below, attempting to make things as clear as possible.  It is a good idea to check our calendar to be sure of the schedule for your visit.  We hope you’ll join us for a meaningful morning!

Sundays Holy Eucharist—8:00am
Experience a quieter, more intimate Eucharist in the sanctuary, followed by coffee and conversation.

Nursery Care—9:00-11:30am
Care for infants and toddlers in the St. Priscilla room.

Making Connections Forum—9:00am
Join us for adult formation as we gather in between services for fellowship and enriching opportunities to learn and grow in our faith.

Worship Center—9:00am
Bible stories heard and experienced for children of all ages.

Church School—10:00am
Church School is offered for children and youth beginning at age three on Sunday mornings.

Holy Eucharist—10:00am
Lively and engaging Eucharist that includes music. Immediately following is a reception for all on the lower level in our parish hall.

Making Connections Forum — 9:00am
Over the years we’ve held All Parish Forums which were wonderful ways to deepen community while providing opportunities to learn and grow together.  However the way we did that forced schedule changes once a month, which could be hard to remember.

This summer we started Making Connections between the services as a time for folks to gather and connect during the summer and realized that it worked so well we wanted to continue and even build on it.  And so was born “Making Connections Forums!”

Our first series is called “What’s God Got To Do With It?”  Join Stephen and Elizabeth as we take on some big questions that have life changing implications right in the middle of your ordinary, everyday life. Bring your questions, your friends and your curiosity with you.

Come, gather for refreshments, fellowship and enriching opportunities to learn and grow in our faith—kids of all ages have a special offering at 9:00am to make this time user friendly for all.

Worship Center—9:00am
Introducing: Worship Center, a children’s formation program similar to Godly Play and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. The focus of the program is biblical stories told and demonstrated in an age appropriate liturgical setting and reflections based on “I wonder…” questions. Parents can choose to drop children off on their way to the Forum or stay and share in the wonder and reflection. Anyone interested in being a storyteller or greeter should contact Jo Gantzer.