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St. Simon’s is a vibrant community of faith committed to living the Gospel of Jesus Christ: loving God, each other, and our neighbor. We worship together regularly, and from that worship flows the rest of our life – ministries, fellowship, educational programs and activities, and service to others.

Our activities posts are categorized so you can easily find the types of activities you’re looking for (or you can scroll down through everything):

Adult Formation | Beyond Our Walls | Interfaith Activities | Mission & Outreach | Youth Activities


2018 Giving Season

The Bishop’s visit kicked off our annual Pledge Season and during these weeks we’ll be learning more about the strengths, challenges and opportunities of our community of faith during the All Parish Forums at 9am.  Packets of materials prepared by the Giving Team have been mailed and should arrive this week, in anticipation of our January 28 Pledge Ingathering, where we offer our gifts at the altar.  We are deeply grateful for the tremendous generosity of our parish and thank you in advance for prayerfully considering how you can commit a meaningful gift in support of our mission and ministry.


CAT Results: Chapter 2

Sunday, January 21, 9am
Brooke Raymond, a CAT consultant, and Andrea Mysen, from the Bishop’s staff, presented us with very good news, and some potential growth areas as they reviewed our initial CAT results at the Forum last Sunday.  Our answers on the CAT survey tell us St. Simon’s shows high satisfaction and very high energy which puts our parish in the transformation category.  We are on the brink of even more wonderful things as a community, needing to exercise trust and faith to help us set our direction and take the leap forward.  Join us this Sunday for Chapter 2 as Shay Craig, from the Bishop’s staff, takes us further into considering how the picture we created of our parish delights and challenges us.

The Worship Center will be open for children ages 3 to 12 during these meetings.  There will be a visual story, questions for reflection, a chance to sing and do a variety of hands-on projects. 9:00am to 9:50am in the St. Priscilla Room.


Walk in Wednesday

Potluck Suppers, 6pm
Join us on Wednesday evenings for a potluck meal. Bring a side dish to share and spend some time laughing with and getting to know the wonderful people in our community. The evening ends with a brief service from Daily Prayer for All.


Story Telling Workshop

Wednesday, January 17, 7pm
Join us for a follow up storytelling workshop/preparation session in anticipation of the Storytelling Slam on Sunday, January 28. Continue to craft old or new pieces to share with friends, family and the church.


Awakening to the Kingdom

Wednesdays, January 24, 31, & February 7, 7pm
Awakening to the Kingdom—Just what does that mean? Join us for a three-week series as we explore the way of life that Jesus invites us into—a way of living that reveals God’s work within and among us. We will use video clips, scripture, and one another’s wisdom as we examine practices that will help us embrace life the way Jesus intended.


Newcomers, Visitors and the Curious – WELCOME!

Sunday, January 28, 11:30 in Elizabeth’s Office
It’s time for Questions & Answers as well as a tour of our building for those who are new to our community and those who wonder-why-it’s-that-way. Please gather in Elizabeth’s office for coffee and treats and conversation at 11:30.  Get to know others from the congregation and have your questions answered as well.


Making Connections through Storytelling

Sunday, January 28, 9am
It’s a story slam St. Simon’s style. Participants in the November and December Storytelling workshops will share stories around the theme of “homecoming and belonging”. Come and listen, be amazed and touched.

Vestry Town Hall CAT Chat

Sunday February 4
Come and meet our Vestry candidates, then gather to share your thoughts and questions about the CAT results and what our next steps might be.

Annual Parish Meeting

Sunday, February 11, Following the 9:30am—SINGLE—Worship Service
The Annual Meeting is where you need to be! Building on the exciting CAT results, we will have an opportunity to break out into small group conversations as we discern our way forward. We will also vote on vestry and warden candidates, accept a budget, and propose directions for the coming year. Come and exercise your role and rights—and enjoy the grace of a community of faith seeking God’s direction for mission and ministry.

Are You Called To Care?

Are you the one in a circle of friends who is always there for others? Does your family rely on you for compassion? Do you wish you had more tools on hand when giving care? The Spiritual Care Visitor Program offered by Bishop Anderson House may be just right for you. This training equips caregivers with the art of being a healing presence through developing skills of active listening; the role of faith, sacrament and prayer; psychological first aid; ministry to the cognitively impaired; addiction; advanced directives; cultural diversity; and serious illness, death, and loss. This training is also intended for lay parish leaders who want to support our faith community in times of transition and change.

St. Simon will host the next 10-session term of the Spiritual Care Visitor Program on Saturday afternoons from February 24 through May 5 from 1:30 to 4:00pm in Parish Hall. Applications are due to Bishop Anderson House by February 1. If you are interested, contact Pastor Elizabeth or Pastoral Care Coordinator Dianne Shields. Scholarship assistance is available if needed.

Contemplative Outreach 2018 Workshops

Living Wisdom series begins February 17 
In 2018, Contemplative Outreach Chicago will present three full-day Saturday workshops on the Christian contemplative tradition and centering prayer at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Mount Prospect:

February 17:  G.I. Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way, with David Orth
March 24:  Spirituality from the Ground Up, with Jeff Ediger
April 14:  Wisdom of the Gospel of Thomas, with Alan Krema

Learn more and register online.

Save the Date: Women’s Retreat

Friday, April 20 – Sunday, April 22
Mark your calendar now for the retreat that Elizabeth is leading for the women of St. Simon’s and the Presbyterian Church of Palatine. More information will be available later.


Interested in Baptism?

Baptisms are held in the midst of the primary Eucharistic celebration four times a year. In 2018, baptisms will be available on The Baptism of Our Lord (January 7), 2nd Sunday of Easter (April 8) the Day of Pentecost (May 20), and All Saints Day (November 4). Please speak with Pastor Elizabeth or Pastor Stephen if you or your child is interested in being baptized.


Youth Group Mission Trip

We had a wonderful turn out at the Making Connections Potluck between the services last Sunday with time to enjoy one another and also hear Mission Trip tales.  Enjoy this video by Abby Butler capturing the heart of the week. Once again, I am deeply grateful for our adult leaders, Carl Raezer, Julie Wood and Michael Medsker–all of whom gave up their time to make this week possible–and also to the parish for your incredible support in so many ways!

Thanks from our two families:

Just wanted to wish you a great day. I wish I could stay here with you. I have really enjoyed working with you. Just in case something happens and I don’t get to see you Friday, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your help with my home. I hope you have a safe trip home and may God bless you each and every one. Thanks again. — Bev

Thank you for all you have done. We are so grateful to have had you come into our lives and family. We will miss you so very much. Keep in touch. We love you. Keep us in your prayer as we will do the same with you all. — Karen