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Meet Our Rector: The Rev. Elizabeth Jameson, Rector

ebjDear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Jesus calls us to be available to and for each other in this wonderful community of faith, and as we deepen relationships, we encounter God more fully. At St. Simon’s, we seek to grow as spiritual companions for one another, expanding the bonds of love to know and be known ever more deeply.  The more we risk and share and listen, the more deeply connected and fulfilled we are, the better we are known to one another.

The way we are known is by being present and available to others.   The ministry of presence, of being available, is central to my vocation. I intentionally try to create space and time to being present in several ways, and yet I realize that some of those ways may not be known to everyone.

I seek to embody accessibility by working with my office door open as much as possible.  If my door is open, you are welcome to come in to tell me about something that struck you recently, ask a question, or share your thoughts on a good book or article. As an added bonus, I have M&M’s on my desk to sweeten your day!  Since there are times that I am not in the office or am behind a closed door, there may be times you want to ensure I’m available. Please call the church or email me to arrange a mutually agreeable time to meet in your home or at your work, in the village or at the church.  If it’s a pastoral emergency, please call my cell 847-477-2850.

ebjcoffeeAnother way I seek to be available is hosting Coffeehouse Office Hours most Tuesday mornings from 7:30-9am. You will find me at the Starbucks on Evergreen in downtown Arlington Heights.  If you want to talk or feel like sharing a cup of coffee or tea, come join me. You may make an appointment or simply drop by.  Occasionally a group may gather, which can be delightful and rewarding in its own way. If you came for an individual conversation and I am with another person or a group, please just catch my eye from a distance. I keep conversations limited to no more than 30 minutes if someone else is waiting.  Since this is somewhat fluid, please let me know what you most want and need.  Typically when I am not available, Pastor Stephen hosts office hours, but in the event that neither of us can be present, the church calendar will notes that is the case.  I hope you’ll drop by some time soon.

Hope to see you Sunday!
The Rev. Elizabeth Jameson, Rector