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our bishop jeffery lee

We are blessed with a wonderful Bishop who, along with his staff, dedicates himself to enriching our ministry and common life.   As Episcopalians, we are rooted and grounded within a larger vital and vibrant community called a diocese.   A charismatic preacher, liturgist and spiritual leader, he is committed to helping the congregations of the diocese grow the church, form the faithful, and change the world.

You can find more about Bishop Lee.

2016 parish visitation

Our most recent parish visitation by our bishop was May 2016 when we joined us for a joy-filled morning and celebrated five baptisms and two thanksgivings at the 8 and 10am liturgies.  It was an inspiring day and the Spirit was vibrant in our midst.

compelling preacher

Don’t be Afraid. I leave you a new kind of peace.

Bishop Lee invited us to dare to accept God’s promise which is simply, threateningly, breathtakingly, Love. He reminded us that Faith is a way of living, love and peace are not feelings; they are decisions.   We are called to practice the peace and the love of Christ, to live it out and make it real, to embrace the world around us in Love.

You can listen to his whole sermon here.

inspiring teacher

An inspired teacher, the bishop offered us a challenging forum on living the life of faith using the Baptism Covenant:  God isn’t something you explain to others; God is something you experience. God is in relationship with us in a dance of love, an outpouring of love.  We are called to practice this outpouring of love in the world, to strive for justice and peace among all people.

His whole presentation can be found here.

Bishop Lee’s powerful presentation on stewardship changed the way we understand our relationship with money:  Money is never the problem.  Fear is the real problem, not trusting in the Lord.   We are children of the light…God invites you to live day by day with open hearts and hands.  Let us open our hands to receive a life beyond imagining.  Take a moment and listen to his whole presentation here.