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ContributeButtonEach person is vital to our common life — in worship, in the offering of your time and talents to our ministries, and through your willingness to sharing your treasure. Join us in transforming the lives of our parishioners and our larger community.

Your support enables St. Simon’s to provide more programs and transform more lives by making room at the table.

By making an annual contribution or pledge online thru AccessACS, you are investing in St. Simon’s areas of greatest need. You may choose either a single annual gift or monthly support through a recurring debit plan. You may also target your gift to a specific project or fund – your support is always meaningful and appreciated.

We welcome one-time gifts from our guests or visitors who are moved to support our journey at St. Simon’s.

2018 Giving Season: Living into our Identity

Thank you in advance as you prayerfully consider your gift for 2018. We at St. Simon’s are committed to our vision of a growing, vibrant, parish. The Giving Team has provided our 2018 Pledge Brochure to assist us in discerning a meaningful gift. Each gift, given as an offering to God, is deeply appreciated and contributes to the vitality of our mission and ministry. You already make a difference.

Inspired by the accomplishments of the past year and the possibilities for our future together, we are increasing our pledges for 2018 by an average of 12%. Read on for more details about the exciting ways we are growing and why this increase makes possible new and important ministries. We invite you join us in making a pledge in 2018.  A pledge is non-binding commitment of intent that enables the church to better budget and plan for the staffing and support of our ministries.

As you can see from the table, pledge offerings fall within a large range.  We hope you’ll join in contributing toward our common life with a gift that is meaningful to you.  Some Christians give a biblical tithe, or 10% of one’s income, others commit to increasing their giving proportionally.

Thank you!

2018 Giving Season: Celebrating, Seeking, Embodying

Jesus took the bread in his hands and gave thanks to God. Then he passed the bread to the people, and he did the same with the fish, until everyone had plenty to eat.—John 6:11

Our Growth Over the past three years, St. Simon’s has grown by more than 40 new households. Not only have we grown in all age demographics, we have also embraced connecting with organizations like the Children of Abraham and the Viator House. The blessing of our demographics is that there are connections between all ages. This cross-generational participation and spiritual development has been exciting to witness. We’ve grown in a different way too, as over a one quarter of our congregation attends church more than they did three years ago.

Our Formation Participation in the educational offerings has increased and pro-grams have been added because of our thirst for spiritual growth. The most recent subjects have been: Difficult Bible Passages, What’s God Got To Do With It?, What’s Your Spiritual Gift? and Who knows the Saints?

The Church School is amazingly popular and currently educates 88 children. The Youth Group meets weekly to deepen their faith—with fifteen to twenty involved each week, it is hard to believe that just a few years ago we didn’t have a youth ministry! They embarked upon a mission trip to Kentucky in 2017 with plans to return in 2018.

Sufficient Staffing for Our Growing Ministries:  Pastoral—Administrative—Musical—Youth—Education Building on our success, we seek to sustain and strengthen the spiritual community we have developed. We are looking for what the Holy Spirit can do with our participation. Two years ago, we as a parish embarked on a journey to invest in personnel to strengthen our ministry. In 2016, we added an associate rector, using the resources of the Missions and Ministries (M & M) Fund to make this possible. In 2017, we had an unexpected opportunity to strengthen our administrative function while expanding our support for family ministries. After prayerful discernment, we stepped out in faith. The graph above shows we can fully fund these additional resources by 2021. Already we see the fruits of our investments in the vibrant CAT results and in the spiritual renewal many are experiencing and which newcomers are drawn toward. We know it is a stretch, but we believe God is present and faithful when we offer what we can.

The Mission and Ministry Fund is fed by income the church receives by leasing parking and office space to Northwest Community Hospital. However, these funds cannot be relied upon so cannot be part of our long term planning.

What the CAT Revealed

Based on the recent CAT survey, St. Simon’s future options will include expanding outreach ministries, implementing strategies to reach and include new people in the church, strengthening the process which develops people for ministry and leadership and enhancing our musical offerings to deepen our worship experience. The survey also indicated that overall, our parishioners are highly satisfied with how things stand today as well as poised and energized for our next steps.

Thank you to all who participated in the survey and for your candid responds. They demonstrate our ability to do great things together!

Wisdom From our Bishop Jeffrey Lee

Bishop Jeffrey Lee joined us for a sumptuous potluck dinner and shared his thoughts with us.  As always, the lively style and challenging words of our chief pastor and teacher and inspired us.

Listen to what he has to say to us about transformation, eternal life, freedom and St. Simons:

Transformation – change is the only constant in all of science.  Don’t cling to the way things were instead of letting things be as they are; loosen your grip and go with it.  Our clinging is the problem that keeps us from living.

Eternal life is a quality of life that begins now, that we enter now.  Resurrection life is a present reality.  Heaven is something that comes to you.  It is not a place but a relationship.

The parable of the rich young man is a story about freedom.  The message is: do not worry, be unburdened.  It is you God is interested in; God loves us just exactly as we are without any requirements from us.   God is alarmingly, scandalously, FOR everyone.  That is the basis for changing your life.  We get to choose, but it is risky.

The CAT results show St. Simon’s is at a significant moment; they present real challenge. “ What are you going to do with it? Don’t hide it! Dare to be transformed.  Who knows what the resurrected Lord can do with your gifts?

frequently asked questions around giving

  • How are you offering your time, talent and treasure back to God?
    • We know that the more we invest in something, anything, the more we receive.  Being part of a faith community is more than simply coming for worship occasionally.  Elsewhere on the website, there are many opportunities to be involved with time and talent, here are some thoughts on offering our treasure.
  • What is a pledge?  Why pledge instead of just giving?
    • A pledge is a non-binding expression of intention.  Our leadership bases our financial plans on pledges. Imagine trying to budget your household expenses without knowing what you anticipate for the coming year?
  • What happens if I cannot fulfill my pledge in a year?
    • We understand things can happen. If you find yourself unable to fulfill your commitment, we’d simply appreciate it if you could discuss with Pastor Elizabeth.
  • How long is the pledging period?
    • Yearly; we have an annual giving season, usually in January, where we encourage parishioners to pledge for the coming year.
  • How much should I give?
    • We welcome any amount but encourage you to pledge an amount that is personally meaningful. The bible suggests 10% of one’s income, in recognition that all we have is God’s.  Commitments range from $50 to $25,000 annually.  The question for you to consider is this: what represents a truly significant gift, where you offer the first fruits not simply what is left over.
  • Do I give weekly?
    • Some pledgers do. Others give monthly, quarterly, or yearly. It’s completely at your discretion.
  • Are pledge envelopes available?
  • Do you offer electronic giving?
    • Yes, we use Automated Clearing House (ACH) , which will automatically deduct the amount you specify from your checking or savings account at the timing you specify.
    • You can use credit cards (Discover, Master Card or Visa).
    • You can set up an automatic payment through your own bank.
  • What other forms of giving are available?
    • We accept stock transfers for those who wish to do so. Please contact our assistant treasurer for additional information. Some families also choose to give through donor-advised funds with institutions such as Fidelity and Charles Schwab, where they transfer stocks or mutual funds to the institution and from there donate to St. Simon’s.

stewardship by bishop lee

Bishop Lee’s powerful presentation on stewardship changed the way we understand our relationship with money:  Money is never the problem.  Fear is the real problem, not trusting in the Lord.   We are children of the light…God invites you to live day by day with open hearts and hands.  Let us open our hands to receive a life beyond imagining.  Take a moment and listen to his whole presentation here.

St. Simon’s Heritage Ministry

Our vestry has established a new ministry designed to help ensure the long-term viability of our parish – The St. Simon’s Heritage Ministry – a Ministry that offers the opportunity for you to support the church even after you are gone.  A booklet is now available describing how the Ministry will operate and the many ways you can contribute.  It can be a valuable resource as you consider your current and future estate planning.  If you are interested, copies of the booklet are available in the office and either Elizabeth Jameson or Bob Arnold will be happy to discuss it with you.

Parishioners who have professional expertise in fields such fields as financial planning and estate planning and who would be available to help parishioners in their long-range planning should give your contact information to Bob so your name can be made available to parishioners.