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Parish Leadership

2018-2019 Vestry

Within the Episcopal tradition, the Vestry provides leadership to the parish.  It is composed of the rector (senior priest), two wardens (elected lay people) and an elected slate of nine additional parishioners.  We also have a treasurer and a clerk that share in the work of the vestry.  The vestry’s primary role is to oversee strategic visioning, governance, and fiduciary responsibility for the parish.

Senior Warden ~ Mike Krause            Junior Warden ~ Bari Flores

2019 Vestry Members:    Beth Carter, Lynn JensenLouise Retzer

2020 Vestry Members:    Steve Hallier, Cynthia Leonard, Michael Medsker

2021 Vestry Members:     Ida Butler, Matt Carney, Rene Schreiner

Treasurer   ~ Ben Witt            Clerk   ~ Pat Engbrecht

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