Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things have passed away; behold, new things have come” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

I practice yoga…well, sort of.  In truth, I move through the various poses I’ve picked up along the way at lightning speed, eager to move on to the next one so as to get on with my day.  I’ve gone to yoga classes before, but not with any regularity. 

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Pilgrim Ponderings

Many have asked me to share the spiritual insights that emerged from our recent travels so below you’ll find a few of my pilgrim ponderings on the journey of life.  While I’ve selected a few photos to include here, you’ll find a larger collection—taken by several members of the group—shared in this video. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Beginnings and Endings

  • We cannot force extraordinary things to happen to us,
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Notice What You Notice

I don’t know how to start this reflection because there is so much to say and at the same time not nearly words enough to say what is real and true.  My dear friend, Barbara, died on Tuesday morning. She died as she lived—peaceful and steeped in love.  Our lives were so entwined; it is hard to fathom this life without her. And yet, rather than feeling burdened by suffering, I am filled with gratitude. 

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Wheat and Tares

Prayer in troubled times: wheat and weeds together sown.

Prayer is an important part of my life spiritual and otherwise. I understand prayer as an opening to larger realities. I put my own problems – small or large – into the hands of the Holy One. I put the problems of the world that concern me into the hands of the Holy One. Sometimes I receive an insight, and sometimes just a glimmer of how I might be part of the answer to my prayer concern. 

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It was a hot summer day in Pinecrest, California when I first met Beau Delmore at the summer camp where I worked in college.  A large group of us had been assigned to spread mulch in order to keep the dust down and make the grounds look pretty.  As we worked with pitchforks and shovels to spread the mulch in the hot sun, Beau decided that instead of spreading mulch, it would be a lot better if he went into one of the unoccupied cabin tents for a mid-morning snooze.  

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You Can

It was early morning when we met at the trailhead—Jim, Abbott, and I together with our friend, Jeff, who lives here in Estes Park, Colorado. We had chosen to ascend Twin Sisters Peak in part because we could see it from their front porch and in part because at 11,400 feet it would give us a taste of the extended backcountry pack trip that we embark on tomorrow—but then we’ll be sporting 40 pounds on our backs!

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With all the racket of wedding planning and travel filling these summer months–including my trip to New York which will prevent me from joining you in church this Sunday–I can’t help but think back to where I was this time last year: On pilgrimage walking the Camino de Santiago, or the Way of St. James, in northwest Spain. I was delighted to share stories and reflections from my experiences walking the Camino with our St.

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I’ve never witnessed so many fireflies in one place, flashing in the dusk as we hiked up the mountain last night, dancing around us with their flickering light. On our way back down, however, we witnessed a gathering so dense that it appeared the milky way was caught in the trees, flashing like tiny paparazzi through the dark night. It was stunning, causing us to linger so we could enjoy creation’s light show.  Although we tried to capture the beauty,

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God Spotting

I had a conversation with God one night.  A proper back and forth kind of talk. I was questioning why I had survived an illness which two other young girls I knew hadn’t lived through and there was a reply, a voice speaking in my heart as clear as a phone conversation.  One answer, “I have work for you to do”, started me on a course of seeking God’s will at the ripe old age of 14.

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Caring for Creation

This week has been so beautiful… days not too hot, not too cold…in my opinion they’ve been just right. The moon continues to swell and the bursting forth of flowering plants amid the various shades of green delight the eye—even if they set off fits of sneezing for some of us.  I find the breathtaking beauty of our creation is easily obscured by suburban living, unless I’m consciously paying attention and looking for it.  Recently,

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