mission and outreach

Our Outreach Team sponsors ways for parishioners to meet the needs of the larger community through programs such as Christmas Baskets and a coat drive, as well as opportunities to donate funds to specific programs.  See upcoming news and events for current opportunities.  Contact Barb Drummond.

Food Donations Needed for Community Summer Supper

Wednesday, September 27, 6-9pm
What happens to folks who rely on PADS when that service is closed for the summer? Area churches work to fill in the meal portion of “neighbor-care” offering dinners each evening at local congregations.  St. Simon’s will partner with our nearest neighbor, CUCC, to serve one more dinner. We need volunteers to help staff the dinner as well as donate food. To sign up, please visit our Signup Genius page -- Wednesday, September 27. Questions,  please contact Beth Carter.

Youth Group Mission Trip

We had a wonderful turn out at the Making Connections Potluck between the services last Sunday with time to enjoy one another and also hear Mission Trip tales.  Enjoy this video by Abby Butler capturing the heart of the week. Once again, I am deeply grateful for our adult leaders, Carl Raezer, Julie Wood and Michael Medsker--all of whom gave up their time to make this week possible--and also to the parish for your incredible support in so many ways!

Thanks from our two families:

Just wanted to wish you a great day. I wish I could stay here with you. I have really enjoyed working with you. Just in case something happens and I don't get to see you Friday, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your help with my home. I hope you have a safe trip home and may God bless you each and every one. Thanks again. -- Bev

Thank you for all you have done. We are so grateful to have had you come into our lives and family. We will miss you so very much. Keep in touch. We love you. Keep us in your prayer as we will do the same with you all. -- Karen

Thanks for your generous support of the Viator House!

We made our goal to help the young adult refugees who are settling into the Viator House of Hospitality!  The contributions from the community of St. Simon’s will enable us to purchase the eleven Welcome Baskets we need for the new young men who will be joining the Viator House over the next few months.  And, we will be able to purchase some chairs and lamps for their rooms.  Just a reminder to please return the filled shower caddies by next Sunday, March 5.  Finally, if you signed up for volunteer opportunities, please keep an eye on your e-mail for upcoming training and opportunities to serve.  Thanks again for responding to this ministry!

Questions or concerns, contact Angie Andrews or Kate Rickard.

Viator House of Hospitality

On Sunday, we had an opportunity to learn about the Viator House of Hospitality, a home for young men ages 18-22 who are seeking asylum in the United States. Thanks to all who so generously contributed. With your amazing donations, we are virtually at our goal of being able to purchase 11 welcome baskets for the incoming young adult refugees to the Viator House.  We distributed ALL of the shower caddies (Please try to return them by March 5).  And many of you signed up for volunteer opportunities, working directly with the young immigrants.  The volunteer paperwork is being compiled into a database and you will be contacted soon.

We are especially grateful that Fr. Corey Brost joined us for 'Going Deeper' and poignantly recounted his journey through the desert in Arizona and how that experience is currently defining his ministry.  We are grateful to you all.  If you did not have the opportunity to contribute on Sunday and  wish to do so,  there will be representatives of the St. Simon’s team in the narthex after both services next Sunday. Questions or concerns, contact Angie Andrews or Kate Rickard.

When Did I Feed You?

Large baskets
The demands on the food pantry at St. Nicholas Episcopal Church in Elk Grove Village haven't lessened. They are most appreciative of our generous contributions! When the large basket in the narthex is filled, members of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew deliver the food. Items in highest demand include: cereals, canned meats (e.g. tuna and chicken), canned fruit, pasta and pasta sauce. However, all non-perishable items are welcomed. Thank you all for your continued support of this project.

needed: partners to share in ministry

Helping Hands 
Caring for one another is the responsibility of our whole community, not just the ordained. As the Body of Christ, we are called to share, each according to our various gifts, in the commitment to make God's love manifest in the lives of those around us and especially those in need. There are many, many ways to do so.

Perhaps you can offer rides to doctor appointments or make meals for those who need them? Please contact Amy Stomper, who coordinates our Helping Hands Ministry at astomper261@comcast.net or 847-830-6066.

Do you find yourself praying for others or having a gift for healing? Are you someone who cares about others and is a good listener? Perhaps now is the time to explore being a Lay Eucharistic Minister or even a Lay Parish Visitor. Please speak with Dianne to see how your gifts can be used in meaningful ways.