God Spotting Hidden Treasures: Sunday School Teachers


Many times things which are hidden are treasures: the creamy filling in a Hostess cupcake, the pirate’s gold, or the honeycomb of wild bees. St. Simon’s Sunday morning programs for children and youth are a lot like treasure.  Hidden away in our classrooms are the most amazing kids being formed in their faith by dedicated, caring leaders who carefully construct experiences to demonstrate God’s love.  A team of 14 leads the Sunday school and Children’s Chapel, bringing their own gifts to the curriculum and being walking examples of God’s love and acceptance.

You, too, might be a hidden treasure! We are building teams now for the fall program. Speak to Sara, Elizabeth or Jo if being part of a ministry with children and youth might fit your gifts and talents – Bible knowledge not required (that’s what curriculum does for us) but having HEART is a vital treasure indeed.