From the Viator House of Hospitality

Dear St. Simon’s,

I saw God last Sunday…in your eyes and in your sanctuary.

Thank you for the opportunity to share the impact you’re making on the men of Viator House of Hospitality – 15 young men, 18-23, from 9 different nations – during your service.

Thank you because – not only are you making a difference in the men’s lives – but you also are reflecting the hope and compassion that only comes from Heaven through your actions. So your impact on all of us is much deeper and more profound than you realize. You remind us constantly that God’s light cuts through the darkness that at times seems so present in our nation during discussions on immigrants.

Where do we see that Divine Light….

  • In the tutors from your community who guide our men, so hungry for education, in their homework and test preparation.
  • In the Welcome Baskets you have donated to each of our men, who receive sheets, bedding and hygiene supplies upon their arrival because of you and, therefore, feel welcomed to a caring home.
  • In the medical treatment members of your community have offered for free to young men so far from home who are at times hurting and afraid.
  • In the guidance and advice your community members have offered on our Advisory Committee and Ad Hoc Marketing Committee.
  • In the garden that sprouted just outside our front door and fed our men fresh produce this summer because community members helped them plant and tend it.
  • In the weekly rides to the Rosemont Blue Line that community members offer our guys on their 75 minute commute to school each morning.

So you see. God has shown upon Viator House of Hospitality through your commitment to welcoming these young “strangers” and making them strangers no longer, but brothers to us all.

You are in all of our prayers. Please keep us in yours.

Fr. Corey