Centering Prayer

Saturday mornings, 8:30am
Please join us for Centering Prayer. We meet in the Staff Office and begin with instruction on a simple method of silent prayer. All who seek God’s presence are welcome – no preparation or consistent attendance required!

Making Connections Forums on 9:00am on Sunday Mornings

Over the years we’ve held All Parish Forums which were wonderful ways to deepen community while providing opportunities to learn and grow together. However the way we did that forced schedule changes once a month, which could be hard to remember.
This summer we started Making Connections between the services as a time for folks to gather and connect dur-ing the summer and realized that it worked so well we wanted to continue and even build on it. And so was born “Making Connections Forums!”
Come, gather for refreshments, fellowship and enriching opportunities to learn and grown in our faith

What’s God Got To Do With It?

Sundays, September 10—October 15
Have you ever wondered what God has to do with your actual, lived life? Who is God and what differ-ence does God really make, especially given the many challenges and crisis evidenced in our world today? And do we make any difference to God? Has your view of God changed along the way, or is it the same as it was when you were a child? Join Stephen and Elizabeth as we take on some big questions that have life changing implications right in the middle of your ordinary, everyday life. Bring your questions, your friends and your curiosity with you.

Remembering our Heritage Sunday

October 22
Learn the stories of our congregations as long-time members help us build a time line marking the mile-stones of St. Simon, St. Hillary and St. John. This a good time to ask them those “why do we do it this way?” questions – they may have great stories for us.

What’s Your Spiritual Gift?

Sunday, November 5 & 12
Spiritual Gifts are just that, gifts given by the Holy Spirit. Like grace, they can’t be bought, traded for or purloined—but they DO need to be discovered, developed and deployed. Jo Gantzer help us understand more about giftedness, offer a questionnaire to discover your own gifts and then explore what our gift-sets might mean for our work and our ministry.