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What’s Your Story?

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Heritage Sunday Potluck

Sunday, October 22,  9am
It’s time for a celebration of service that not only HAS been well done but is STILL being well done. Heritage Sunday recognizes the members of this congregation who have served God in this church for 30 plus years – there are 63 of them! They will be honored in both worship services and, (what’s a party without food?) with a potluck brunch at 9am.  We’ll work together to build a timeline of this congregation’s past and hear stories of the life of this community. 

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Vestry Candidates Sought 

The Nominating Team of  Kate Rickard, Rick Lussenhop, Amy Stomper, Dave Zuehlke, Mike Krause and Elizabeth Jameson is ready to receive names for consideration of Vestry candidates for the 2018 elections. Vestry members are to embrace a leadership role within the community and assist in the visioning and seeking God’s direction for the parish. If you have suggestions for the committee, please contact them by Sunday, October 22.

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Celebrating the Saints

Sunday, October 29, 9am
Did you know that St. Clare of Assisi founded her own order of nuns and in 1224 fended off a group of soldiers who sought to attack the town of Assisi by simply carrying the Blessed Sacrament to the walls of her convent and praying? Come learn about St. Clare and other saints celebrated in the church at 9:00 am on October 29th.  You’ll have a chance to vote on the saints that most appeal to you and there will be treats to share!

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Spooky Spaghetti Supper

Sunday, October 29, 5pm
Join us for an evening of good food, fellowship, and spooky fun in our parish hall. In addition to a great meal, there will be fun seasonal activities for the children! Costumes encouraged, especially for the children.

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Winter Warming

Sundays in November
St. Simon’s Annual Coat Drive runs during the month of November. We are in need of CLEAN winter coats to donate to the ReVive Center for Housing and Healing. Any gloves, hats, mittens, and scarves—especially adult male sizes—are also appreciated. Donated items may be left on the designated table at the south end of the parish hall near the elevator. Call Janice Tauber with any questions.

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November Adult Outing — Big Band Live Music Night

Thursday, November 2, 7pm
The next outing for the Adult Social Group, Big Band Live Music Night, will be Thursday evening, November 2.  The Band plays at the Elk Grove Park District Banquet Garden Terrace, 1000 Wellington Ave, Elk Grove Village, from 7 to 9pm. Dance or just listen.  The group plays music from the ‘40s and the ‘50s—not just Jazz.  They play everything!  If you need more information,

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